Wednesday Wishlist – January

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Silver Hair

As you may have noticed I love to change the colour of my hair every couple of months and I am now bored of blue and green. 
My hairdresser is going to have her work cut out at the end of the month when I go in to have my hair completely changed to this colour!

AQ AQ Skater Dress

I don’t think I even need to say why I love this dress, just how beautiful is it! 
Unfortunately, the price is not as beautiful so it will most likely remain on my wish list as much as I want to buy it for my sister’s hen party.

 Urban Decay Vice 3

Urban Decay has got to be one of my favourite brands for eye shadows as their palettes always have the most beautiful of colours and the packaging is always pretty awesome too! 
I have been dying to purchase this since I saw the release for it last year, it was only in America and they don’t ship to the UK so I was really hoping to purchase this when I visited New York but the Sephora Gods were against me as it was sold out in all 3 stores I visited.
This is now available to buy on the UK website….but yet again it is sold out, I am really hoping this comes back into stock soon as I am dying to try out all of the shades. 

 Over the Knee Suede Boots

These are another thing I have been looking to buy for a little while but what with a trip to New York, Christmas and a looonnnggg January I have not gotten around to purchasing them yet.
Hopefully, you will be seeing these boots in some blog posts very, very soon. 

 Make Up Forever

Last but by no means least is Make Up Forever! Today I found out the exciting news that Make Up Forever is now going to be sold in Debenhams which is freaking amazing as they do some of the best foundations I have ever used. 
I bought a couple of the products in the states and I was worrying that when I ran out I wouldn’t be able to replace them but luckily Debenhams is now going to sell all of my favourite make up brands in one place!

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