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I was listening to the latest episode of the Full Coverage Podcast a couple of days ago and Lindsey mentioned comments she and others have received about how makeup is frivolous and pointless. And how you can’t be a feminist and like makeup.

A lot of the points Lindsey and Harriet brought up resonated with me and made me reflect on why I wear and enjoy makeup, so I thought I would post about what makeup means to me.

‘War Paint’

As part of my morning routine, I spend around 15-20 minutes applying my makeup, this is not to make myself attractive to others it is to make myself ready for the day. When I have my ‘war paint’ on I feel like I can face the day and whatever is going to be thrown at me. It is not something I do because I am insecure about myself but because it makes me feel like me, although don’t get me wrong I am more than happy to go out and about without makeup, there is just something about putting my face on that makes me feel ready to do anything. I even apply my makeup when I am working from home, I would love to be someone that can lounge around in pyjamas but without an outfit and make up my level of motivation seriously decreases.

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Look Good, Feel Better

If I am feeling a little tired or poorly I always find that putting my makeup on makes me feel a lot better, something about looking good always makes me feel better. There is actually a charity named ‘Look Good, Feel Better’. They dedicate their time to helping people suffering from cancer to apply makeup helping them to feel better about themselves and giving them a chance to get away from the treatment they are receiving.

Daily Makeup

Love to Try and Apply

In the same way, some people enjoy baking and trying out new recipes, I love trying out new products and new looks when I can. There is something about sitting at my dressing table and making myself up that really soothes me. Another reason why it is a big part of my morning routine.

From trying out a new eyeshadow palette to a new look from some of my favourite YouTubers it is always fun to see the either awesome or dreadful results. And, hey, if it is a bad result I have a laugh to myself, or with my boyfriend, wipe it off and start again!

MAC Cosmetics Ssssamanthaa


This is very much linked to the point above, my boyfriend’s hobbies are playing football and computer games, mine is makeup.

From reading new reviews from other bloggers, listening to podcasts about anything beauty related to hunting down limited edition lipsticks that are not sold in your country, (ahem Samantha Ravndahl for MAC Cosmetics), there is something that really grabs my attention and always draws me back in… especially when I shouldn’t be spending anything on new products!

I can sit for hours at my dressing table sourcing new products online, trying different tutorials and even giving my make up cabinets and drawers a clear out. If it makes me happy it is something I am going to continue to do.

Benefit Makeup Quickie Contour Stick

Hearing about how really smart and successful women are looked down on because they work in the beauty industry got me really riled up and inspired me to write this post, most of which was written in the car finishing the episode of the Full Coverage Podcast!

What does makeup mean to you is now going to be one of the questions I ask the other Plymouth Bloggers and people I know to find out other thoughts on the subject.

Leave a comment below and let me know what it means to you. And subscribe to the Full Coverage Podcast now, it is a podcast that personally makes me feel like there are women in my male dominated office, yay for IT!

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