The ABH Contour Kit + Sephora Brushes!

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Anastasia Beverley Hills Contour Kit
I can not believe it has taken me this long to post about my holy grail of contouring and it comes at a perfect time as Anastasia Beverly Hills are releasing their new cream contour kit at 6 pm this evening, (UK time), and I cannot wait to get my hands on it!
Anastasia Beverley Hills Brows and Contour
Anastasia Beverley Hills
Contour Kit Light Swatch
Contour Kit Dark Swatch
I only found out about Anastasia Beverly Hills a few weeks before I flew to New York and I could not find this kit online so it was only my Sephora wishlist and I was very lucky as I went into 4 different Sephora’s and I only just managed to get this set as 3 stores were sold out and this was the last one in shop 4. 
Before I started using this I watched a few different tutorials on how to apply and contour correctly and a few that I saw contoured without foundation and it looked amazing! Unfortunately, my skin does not like me at the moment so I have to have a base foundation before contouring. 
These powders are so flattering you can use them for a light contour throughout they day and if you wold like a more noticeable contour for the evening all you have to do is build up the colour to achieve your perfect contour and highlight. 
As this is a powder I was worried about how it would blend as I had previously only used cream contouring products but the powders are silky smooth and blend perfectly. 
If you haven’t used this yet I would definitely recommend giving it a try especially as it does not break the bank at £39 and lasts for absolutely ages!
I also purchased the Anastasia brow powder and  brush and I use these both nearly everyday! I have found the colour I purchased is slightly lighter to the Benefit Browzings that I normally use but it still looks beautiful. I have started to pair this with my L’Oreal Brow Plumper to give myself fuller looking eyebrows day to day. 
The brush really helps in making your eyebrows look more natural, (you don’t want to look like you have slugs on your face!), and the brush quality is something else.
Sephora Contour Brush Set
  I have been looking to upgrade my make up brushes for a little while now and I was saving for some new MAC brushes but when I saw this contour kit in Sephora I needed it, especially as it went with my contour kit! 
Not only are the brushes so well made and pretty, they come in this lovely gold case which also includes a contour guide and mint blotting papers so you can take these away if you are travelling away from home. 
I am still upgrading my other brushes so look out for more reviews on Sephora brushes in the very near future. 

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