Tatler for Birchbox
This is number 1 of 4 beauty box reviews this month!
When I heard that Birchbox were releasing a limited edition box I was first in line as this is the first time Birchbox have mixed it up and released an additional box to the monthly subscription.
This box holds the Best of British brands and oddly enough I’d only really heard of a few of them so brand selection for this box was amazing.  
Percy and Reed Volumising Spray
Surprisingly, on my quest for voluminous hair I have never heard of this brand! I wish I had heard of them earlier because this is now my current favourite beauty product. 
I am completely in love with the packaging and I will be purchasing more of the products mainly so I can display them on my dressing table. 
Other than the packaging, I have found this product to actually work and unlike other volumising products I have tried it does not make my hair feel greasy or sticky as it is a dry spray. 
I am really looking forward to try this product with the accompanying shampoo, conditioner and volumising oil.
Bamford Body Wash
This is another brand that is totally new to me but I am not overly sure on the scent of this body wash. 
On the card included within the box it advises this is a hand and body wash so I have been using this as hand wash in the bathroom to wash my hands so the smell is not so overpowering. 
It lathers up really well, cleans my hands and does make them feel relatively soft.
This is not a product I would repurchase because of the scent but I may try some other products from this brand.
Ciate Red Hot Chilli
I am a marketers dream, you may have noticed this after my love of the Percy and Reed packaging above! 
Again, Ciate is another brand I love because of the packaging, they definitely make the best packaging for nail polishes.
Not only is the packaging beautiful, (who doesn’t like the little bow on the front?!), but the colours are equally lovely and I find the longevity of the product brilliant, I can wear this on my nails for a week without any chips.
I did find this polish slightly thinner than what I would normally prefer which meant I had to add an extra layer to ensure the colour was a vibrant and smooth as I would expect but the only downside of this is extra drying time! 
I already own quite a few Ciate polishes and I will be definitely buying some more.
Aromatherapy Associates
I have received a few Aromatherapy Associates products in my Birchbox before and I have found them all lovely, this lives up to the expectations. 
Although rose isn’t one of my favourite scents I actually really like this body cream and I have used it daily since I got this box. 
I have found this to make my legs really soft, (even after shaving!), and the scent compliments my current perfume which means the perfume seems to last longer than normal.
Liz Earle Hot Polish Cleanser
I already own a sample of this product from a previous box but I am glad to have the larger size version, especially as it included another muslin cloth!
This has become a staple in my skin care routine as I always notice that my face is noticeably brighter after use.
I am terrible as I do use face wipes but I always use this afterwards as it removes any excess make up and grime the wipes has left behind, especially as the wipes can leave some excess grease.
Dr Jackson's Face Oil

Dr Jackson’s Natural Products Face Oil      
This is some pretty amazing stuff!
I have only used it a couple of times as I worry about adding more oil to my face as I do sometimes suffer with quite an oily tea zone but this does not. 
This product includes a couple of different oils including Marula oil for moisturising, Calendula to reduce redness and my boyfriends mum secret weapon for bruising, Arnica oil! 
This product does also state it will renew a youthful radiance so I am going to keep using this on top of my Liz Earle Hot Polish Cleanser to see if this really does work. 
Overall, I am really pleased with the products I have received in this months as I have found a few products that I will be definitely repurchasing. 
I was slightly disappointed by the size of the box as because this is more than twice the price the box was exactly the same size but the products inside are worth over £60 so I am not complaining too much!
This has given me a lot more faith in the Birchbox brand as I have not been thrilled with some of my previous boxes but this has made me decide to stick with it for now and see what other products/brands I will be introduced to.


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  • Milly Youngman
    April 15, 2015

    I adore Percy & Reed's packaging as well! I didn't pick this up as I re-subbed to actual Birchbox, but now wish I had as it looks great!

    Milly // Mini Adventures

  • Sam
    April 16, 2015

    I can't believe I have only just found out about them! That's not good, I believe they are still available to buy on the website!