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I watched Spice World last weekend and started crushing on 90’s platforms all over again, after a small search online I found this amazing pair from YRU. 
I had never heard of YRU until I started searching for these platforms but I am glad I have found them, there are so many gorgeous platforms available! I finally chose this rainbow pair, I was expecting them to be really heavy because of the platform but they are actually really light and I didn’t even notice that there was an additional few inches underneath the trainer whilst I was walking. 
This dress from Pop Boutique is beautiful and such a lovely pink, there are some buttons down the back of the dress but they are only for show as there is a zip and 3 poppers to close the back of the dress. I don’t know if this was done on purpose but normally if there are poppers on the back of the dress I need someone to help me do them up, but these seem to be located in the 3 places on my back I can reach which means if I am on my own I can do this dress up!
I was slightly disappointed with the knee high socks, I was expecting them to go over my knee but as they are one size they actually come to the top of my thighs so I have had to double them over for these photos! 
Either I have really short legs or these are made for women with never ending legs like a supermodel. 
Overall, I absolutely love this look and I am so glad the nineties are coming back into fashion! 
What do you think of the 90’s trend? 

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