September Birchday Box

I cannot believe that September is already here but it does mean that this months Birchbox has also arrived! This months box is full of brands I have tried before but new products so the even though the brands are tried and tested the products are all new.
As it is Birchbox’s 5th Birthday all of the products in this months box do hail from the states where the box was originally created.
Benefit always have that quirky, cool look to their products and this is not an exception, with it’s bright yellow packaging this is a product you would be drawn to when shopping as it is so very eye-catching.
The Benefit License to Blot is a product I have seen but not yet tried. Having read previous reviews I have been unsure whether to purchase this product so it’s great to see it in this months box. 
This is a product you can use over or under make up that can mattify the skin for up to 6 hours, according to the packaging.
 I have used this a few times now and I would say this does work but it does need to be reapplied during the day and I have found it lasts around 4 hours on my skin. Although the results I have seen are good I am not sold on this product as it is a stick I am unsure of how clean this will be.
 If you do use this product daily, without cleaning it, I can imagine a lot of bacteria being spread around the face causing spots and congested skin.
For that reason it is not something I will be repurchasing. 
Having used quite a few Laura Mercier products I have really started to love the brand and this is another product I will be using over the coming months.
With the cold weather arriving imminently I am changing up my skin care routine as like a lot of others my skin dries out with the cold and wind. 
This is a rich facial exfoliator with micro beads that help to remove any dry or dead skin. 
I am not a massive fan of how the product smells but it does make my skin feel amazingly soft so it is something I will be using regardless.
Laqa and Co is a brand I have sampled before through Birchbox. 
It is not a brand I would normally use as I am not the biggest fan of the chunky pencils for use on cheeks or eyes, I did go through a stage of using Lip Crayons but I have since stopped using these. 
I have tried to use this product but I was just not happy with the way it blends or the colour, I normally use a powder blush with blue under tones whereas this is quite orange in colour and has a creamy texture. I personally find creamy blushes difficult to blend and make it look like I have a natural glow. 
If you do like the chunky crayons or creamy blush this would be for you but this is not something I will be using again.
The perfect sized brush to pop into your handbag and the palm of your hand this is now one of my essentials, especially with the windy weather we have had lately. 
I have found the different sized bristles of this brush to be really helpful when my hair is knotty and it doesn’t seem to pull any of my hair out or feel painful. 
It has also been ideal to use in the shower on wet hair with the James Master detangler.
Another brand I have sampled many times through Birchbox, this beauty wash is as good as all of the hair products I have previously used from Beauty Protector.
It has a rather rich smell about it, which does remind me of the hair products, and it also lathers up so well. 
I sometimes find that some body cleansers can dry out my skin but this did make my skin feel so nourished and moisturised after a couple of uses.
Now my hair is a lot shorter I rarely need a detangler but I really did want to try this as it smells absolutely amazing.
With a rich citrus smell it was always going to be a product for me so in the name of science, (and blogging!), I had to test it out. 
This can be used as a nourishing conditioner or a leave in treatment but I chose to use this as a conditioner as I find my hair feels too greasy with leave in products.
As this is full of coconut oil my hair felt incredibly smooth after and my scalp felt so invigorated thanks to the neroli and grapefruit.


I was not amazingly blown away with this months box as I thought it would be slightly more exciting given that it’s Birchbox’s 5th birthday but overall I can’t be too disappointed with the selection of products I received. 

They are mostly products I would use with a nice range from body wash to make up although I have noticed the sample sizes seem to be a lot smaller lately and I am not as excited when I do see the contents of the box.

I have been debating whether to cancel this subscription, and if I could manage to get hold of the
Cohorted Beauty Box I definitely would. 

I may stay loyal to Birchbox for another month but if I am able to order the Cohorted box I think this will be the subscription that will be cancelled.


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