September Birchbox – A Review

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When Pretty in Peeptoes first started all those years ago I posted about beauty subscription boxes, including Birchbox, Glossybox and many more. It looks like I’ve turned full circle and the reviews are back!

I received the September Birchbox as a gift to review. I’ve realised how much I miss trying out new products I wouldn’t go out and buy myself. 
I’m turning thirty next year, scary I know, so I’ve started making more of an effort with my skin care routine. This box has helped with that so much. Packed full of skin and hair care products, I have nearly managed to put in place a strong routine already. 
The design of the box has changed since I was last a subscriber but I do like the pull out drawer. I’ll probably upcycle it to use as part of my dressing table storage.

VG – Rose Gammage

VQ Rose Gammage

I am not the biggest fan of rose scents so I was dubious about trying this out but I have to say it is my favourite product in the box. 
Completely different to any other exfoliant I have used before, this peels the dirt and dead skin from your face. I was slightly grossed out the first time I tried it, a lot came off of my face but the results were amazing. My skin felt the softest it has in a while, I’ve been slacking. And it also looked a lot more radiant and cleaner. 
Although it includes rose extract the smell is not overpowering. Packed full of botanical extracts it makes me feel it is healthier than chemical packed products. 
10/10, a definite repurchase for me. 

RRP £14.99 50ml

Grow Gorgeous – Thickening Hair & Scalp Mask

Grow Gorgeous Hair Mask

I have a lot of hair but as it’s so fine it never looks as thick as it is so I was excited to try this mask.

A little goes a long way which I realised after the first use, my hair felt so greasy and limp! On my second attempt I used a lot less and my hair felt nourished and smooth straight away. I can’t say it looked that much thicker but this will be something that happens over time. My hair has been bleached for years, it’s not been in the best condition lately but after 3 uses it is starting to feel a lot healthier and stronger.
It is a product I would think about buying again but I may hold off as the price is a little steep for me. It might be something I can splurge on once I’ve completed my 2019 goal of saving more money.

RRP £25 280ml

Baija – Body Cream

Rose and lychee scented creamy body cream sounds lovely but again the rose put me off. I have tried this a couple of times but I am not 100% sure if it is for me. The cream makes my skin feel soft and smooth but the rose is a little too much for me on my skin daily.
The packaging is cute and the cream contains 96% natural ingredients which is a huge plus for me. Although I don’t like this product I have had a look at Baija’s others and have found a few I will be purchasing in the future.

RRP £15.90 75ml

Caudalie – Vinopure Gel Cleanser

Caudalie Gel Cleanser

The first product in this months box which I have already tried…and already love.

This gel has cleared my skin and made it less greasy over the course of nearly a month. You can never go wrong with Caudalie, over the years I have tried a lot of their products, (mostly from subscription boxes), and this has to be one of my favourites. My pores are visibly clearer and smaller. My make-up also applies so much better after cleansing my face with this gel. This is another definite repurchase, once I use this sample and my existing tube.

RRP £16 150ml

Benefit Lovetint

I have to be honest, I love some of the Benefit products but the tints have not normally been my thing. This is a new shade that has been recently released and is good for lips and cheeks. I don’t use liquid blush so I have tried this on my lips instead. The colour payoff is good but I am so used to liquid matte lipsticks the longevity wasn’t quite there. Although, it was nice for my lips to feel a lot smoother and less dry than normal. 
If you like a less matte this is definitely for you but not something I will be buying for myself. 

RRP £15.50 6ml


I really enjoyed this months box and it was great to be receiving a subscription box again. I mean who doesn’t love a present to themselves each month?! I like trying out new brands and products and this months box was perfect for me. There was no full size products but 4 out of 5 were new to me and I will definitely be repurchasing 3 out of the 5.
The overall RRP of all products is £77.40, not bad at all when the subscription is only £10 a month.
At the moment there is an offer Birchbox: Refer a Friend, get £5!, who can turn that down. 
Is Pretty in Peeptoes back to receiving and reviewing subscription boxes, definitely yes!

Disclaimer: Post contains gifted products and affiliate links.  


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