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Bloggers at Satori

Myself and the Plymouth Bloggers were invited to the very first Satori Salons Blogger Event. On arrival, we were greeted with a firm handshake and a glass of bubbly, which is always a good introduction.

Not long after, introductions were made and we were introduced to lovely Natalie the owner, her partner and the Satori team. Also introduced was Ed from Hartley Medical who has partnered with Satori. Satori is a place I have only peeked at through the window whilst wandering round Drakes Circus but on walking in it was a lot larger than expected with multiple nail workstations and a private beauty room. With products from Elemis, Delilah Cosmetics and OPI there was plenty to see and experience.

My first stop for the evening was to the beauty room to see Gemma having her eyebrows microbladed, this is something I was really interested in as I am sure you are aware this treatment has been everywhere over the past few months. I have seen many a blog post where the blogger has had microblading done, there have been mixed reviews from it was painless to it was nearly unbearable. Watching Gemma have her eyebrows done it was hard to believe anyone had said it was painful! She seemed calm and collected and very nearly turned her head to talk to us whilst the treatment was in progress. When finished there was minimal redness which meant it was nearly unnoticeable that anything had been done, the brows were slightly darker but this is something that will fade with time.


Next stop was the Delilah Cosmetics stand, a relatively new brand to me although I am sure I have used a couple of the products before but I am not sure where I found them.

A boutique British brand created by 3 friends with masses of experience in the beauty industry you just know these products are going to be high-end, surprisingly I would say they come in at a mid-range price point. A capsule range with slick packaging, I wanted to try all of the products but there was just not enough time if I wanted to visit the other areas of the salon.

Luckily, I did see one of the most beautiful illuminating powders I have set my eyes on, the Pure Light -Aura. The colour itself is a mixture of rose gold, pink and a touch of lilac which I tend to prefer to a white highlight as it really smoothes the skin and does not give the skin look like there is a tinge of grey. I currently have quite a few highlights and illumizers so once the stash has been used Delilah is next on my list to try out.

Delilah Cosmetics

One of the most popular sections of the evening was the Elemis Skin Mapping, one quick photo can tell a lot about someone’s sun habits, caffeine intake and beauty regime. Only in the salon for one week we were all very lucky to get the opportunity to look further into our skin.

With a feeling of dread and intrigue, I was last in line to get my skin analysed and unsurprisingly I was told my skin was very dehydrated. As well as being able to see the images on screen we were added to the system and given a print out of our problem areas and a list of Elemis products that will help to resolve those areas.  I have been advised my skin is currently in a catch 22, it is very dry as it is dehydrated but is also producing too much oil to try and combat this dryness leaving me with incredibly combination skin.

Gemma advised me that I should be using moisturiser a lot more than I currently am so I am going to test the Elemis Maximum Moisture Day Cream and I will be returning to Satori in December when the Skin Lab returns to see if this has helped my skin and its lack of moisture.

Face Mapping

Whilst everyone else was having their faces mapped I was able to get my eyebrows threaded, something I have not had done in a long time due to the first time I ever had this done it was in the middle of a shopping mall and excruciatingly painful.

This time was a lot different, apart from watery eyes the pain was nonexistent and the results perfect. I am now a threading convert and will not be going to back to at home plucking or waxing.

Threading at Satori Salons

Although, we didn’t get the chance to have a look at any of the OPI products/treatments I just had to include this image of the OPI Breakfast at Tiffany’s collection because it is just so beautiful and Breakfast at Tiffany’s is one of my all time favourite films.

Breakfast at Tiffany's OPI

When the event came to a close a raffle was drawn and Elle from Elle Simpson won a new electric toothbrush kindly donated by Ed and Hartley Dental.

Speaking of Ed, Hartley Dental have teamed up with Satori and will now be offering dermal fillers, lip fillers and botox among other non-surgical cosmetic surgeries. After having my lips filled last year I was really intriqued and pretty much interrogated poor Ed about the qualifications of the nurses performing the procedures and he has very kindly invited me to go to the clinic and have a look around for myself.

Upon leaving we were each given this beautiful goody bag packed with full-size OPI polishes, sample sized toothpastes, a 25% off voucher for a massage or facial with the addition of Elemis samples and information all about the evening, Satori and the treatments offered.

As first events go I think Satori planned this perfectly and as discussed at our bloggers brunch a few days later everyone thoroughly enjoyed theirselves and found the treatments rather interesting.

Now I am going to go get in the queue for microblading!

Elemis Gift BagSatori Gift Bag Contents


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