Royally Good April Birchbox

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As the royal baby is due any day now it is very fitting that this months theme for Birchbox is ‘Royally Good’ and you could of received one of 2 boxes, the blue or the pink. 
Luckily, I received the pink box as I that is my favourite colour and I like to keep the themed boxes either for gifts or for decoration. 
I have found that I can use most of the products I received this month and between this and the Tatler for Birchbox I am a lot happier with the brand as I was contemplating cancelling my subscription.
If you read my post about the Tatler for Birchbox you would know I have just found out about the Percy and Reed volumising range and I am in love! 
I was not sure what to expect with this product as I have never heard of no oil, oil but it is exactly that, you can put this product in your hair from the roots down and it does not make your hair greasy at all. 
The packaging is also worth a mention too, it is so pretty and I am now going to purchase a few of the other products to decorate the new shelves around my dressing table.
I have found using both the no oil oil and the volumising spray together my hair does have a lot more body and unlike other products it does not make the hair feel stiff or sticky. 
I think I have finally completed my quest of finding volumising products that do work, fingers crossed the shampoo and conditioner does not strip hair colour! 
I have not ever heard of this and to be honest I have not yet tried these supplements, I am not the best at taking tablets and these capsules are huge! 
These supplements are packed with vitamins including magnesium, vitamin d and folic acid. 
I am determined to try these as these would help with my current health kick so when I do I’m sure I post about the results.
This is the second Korres product I have received in the past couple of months and I really do like it and to be honest I am yet to try a Korres product I don’t like. 
In the past I have received the citrus shower gel and body lotion so it was nice to be sent this shower gel in a different scent. 
This is bergamot blossom and sweet pear and it smells delicious, it reminds me of sour sweets so I kind of just want to eat it! 
I love the way the Korres shower gels lather up and the smell of the product seems to stay with you for nearly the whole day, I am definitely going to be repurchasing this product.
This is called the fabulous foaming face wash and it is just that. 
I have been using this every couple of days in the morning and as it is 2 in 1 it is so quick and easy to use it has taken a few minutes off of my daily routine, it doesn’t sound like a lot but that’s a few extra minutes sleeping! 
This does foam up really well meaning you do not need to much of the product to get amazing results.
This is a product that is labelled as for all skin types and as I had a severe allergic reaction on my face to something last month I was a bit nervous about using this but it was absolutely fine, if anything the exfoliating has really helped. 
I don’t normally buy 2 in 1 products but I think this is one I will be purchasing from now on.
I have a funny feeling this is nail polish is going to be on my nails a lot this summer, this is a really bright and vibrant pink and it is something I would use on my fingers and my toes. 
This nail polish is labelled as durable and long lasting, I can say it is. Over a week without a chip and I only used 2 coats without a top coat. 
I have checked out the Lola Barcelona site and there are so many more colours I want to purchase including Indian, Fresh and Boom.

Laura Mercier Longwear Creme Eye Liner in Violet   
I seem to have accumulated quite a collection of Laura Mercier products now and although they are slightly more expensive than the products I used to purchase I think they are definitely worth the money. 
This is a creamy textured eyeliner in violet, it does look slightly more purple in real life than in the picture and the longevity is fabulous. 
This looks really beautiful along the top of your eye and underneath to give your eye make up that little pop of colour. 
I never used to like coloured eye liners that much as it reminded me of being quite young before I knew what I was doing with make up but the shade of this eye liner is perfect. 
This months box alongside the Tatler box has really put my faith back in Birchbox as I have been considering whether to cancel my subscription over the past couple of months. 
They seem to have upped their game this month and last month and I am going to continue my subscription for the time being. 
I have really enjoyed the brand selection this month, although I have heard of 2 brands before I love the products I have received. 
I am not sure if this lives up to the standard of My Little Box but they are slightly different so for that I will let them off!


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