My Little SuperBox
My Little Box always have the best themes and this months yet again is awesome! I knew about the theme through Facebook for a week or so before and was unsure how it would turn out but it is just perfect.
My Little Superbox Products
My Little Superbox Products
My Little Beauty Products
Kerastase Cristalliste Conditioner
When I first completed my My Little Box profile I had rather long hair but I actually had around 10 inches cut off a couple of weeks ago so I was unsure how this would work as it is for long and natural hair which I no longer have. 
It actually worked really well on my newly cut hair and made the new silver colour really shine. It also made my hair feel so soft and silky smooth which is amazing as it had only been bleached a couple of weeks earlier. 
I really love this conditioner and would love to try the Cristalliste Shampoo to see the results.
Caudalie Hand and Nail Cream
I have used a few Claudalie products before but not the hand and nail cream so I was really pleased to receive this product this month. 
I have been suffering quite a bad allergic reaction to something for the past 2 weeks and my face and hands have been really dry so this cream has been a life saver! 
I am terrible for biting my nails so my cuticles are not the best but I have found this cream has really softened them, I can’t comment on how it works on nails as I am currently wearing acrylics to get out of the nail biting habit. 
I normally use L’Occitaine hand cream but I think I am going to continue with this cream after seeing the results so quickly.
My Little Beauty Lips and Cheeks
My Little Beauty Lips and Cheeks
One of the things I love the most about the My Little Beauty products is the packaging, it is so cute but not too cute that it looks like a product I should of owned years ago.
This product has that packaging is pretty awesome too, this is a pencil for lips and cheeks although personally I will probably only use it as a lip crayon. 
The reason for this is it has quite an orange undertone and I prefer to wear more pink colours on my cheeks. 
Saying that I do love it as a lip crayon, I have found that it is a really creamy consistency so it is really easy to apply and even though it is creamier than the lip crayons I normally use it does last for a long time before I need to reapply. 
I can’t wait to continue building my My Little Beauty collection, they just haven’t got it wrong over the past 7 months!
I Believe I Can Fly T-Shirt
I Believe I Can Fly T-Shirt
How cute is this t-shirt?! 
I was really excited to find this in this months box as I am currently in the market to update the tops in my wardrobe. 
I don’t normally wear t-shirts with slogans on the front but this is not intrusive at all and I really love the fonts that have been used. 
This t-shirt is labelled as one size so it is slightly bigger than the t-shirts I would normally wear but I have the perfect black skater skirt and knee high socks to wear with it.
I will post pictures as soon as my allergy has settled and my face has gone back to normal!
As well as all of the products I have spoke about here I also received some superhero stickers and the My Little World magazine.
I don’t normally read the magazines I receive with boxes, products, etc… but I this is one I read every month as it has beauty tips, food ideas and much more.
Overall, this box has been awesome….again! I have found with every box I have received it makes me love the brand, packaging and marketing even more. 
As ever I find myself wishing the month away so I can receive my next box and I cannot wait to see the next theme.
Have you been receiving My Little Box or any other beauty boxes? What do you think and what is your favourite beauty box? 

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