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Every month I don’t think My Little Box can top the previous months box but they always do, I am sure I am probably boring everyone with such positive reviews!
This months box has the perfect mix of products and accessories for the best summer road trip and the colour theme is pink, so that obviously makes me adore it even more.
 Bic Pen/Stylus and Mini Notebook 
The first of the products is a cute little book where you can write your road trip memories and then send to a friend, family or even yourself to remind you if the fantastic trip away. 
Although, knowing me I would probably use this as a to do list!
It is so cute and the outside has the sweetest  image, I would love to have the river and a dock in my back garden but as I live in Britain I don’t think that I would ever find a house with this out back. 
The pen included is your standard biro but with the addition of a stylus on the end so you can use it whilst on the beach to use your phone or tablet. Which is pretty handy so you don’t get your phone wet…or covered in sand.
 Travel Organiser
I really could of done with this organiser for New York last year, it has a pocket for everything you need whilst travelling
The main pocket has a zip lock and is A4 so you can keep all of your travel documents in one place. On the inside are a couple more pockets which would be ideal for your passport, money cards and any cash you are carrying with you. 
I love the fact this is also waterproof as I have a habit of spilling anything that is in front of me all over important documents. 
When I opened up the little pouch the beauty products came in I was so excited to see this nail polish as for me this is the perfect shade of Barbie pink. 
I don’t normally wear pink on my nails too often but I love the colour of this on my nails and against my skin, it seem sot make my hands look a lot more tanned than they actually are. 
The application of the polish seemed pretty thin so I used 3 coats of colour rather than my normal 2.
I have only had this on for a couple of days, (without a top coat), but I don’t seem to have one chip in any of my nails so I do think is going to be as good as the other Essie nail polishes I own.
I can’t say I was disappointed when I saw this product as I already use it every morning and evening to remove my make up, it would of been nice to have a new product to try but you can’t have it all!
I originally bought this as a replacement as I ran out of my Bioderma and I haven’t been able to find anywhere in the UK that stock it. 
This to me is pretty much the same product, so light and gently on my skin and it removes all of my make up including my tough to remove They’re Real Mascara by Benefit
One thing I do like about this is the handy travel size bottle as currently I have the full size bottle which is a bit of a pain to take with you if you do need to travel light.
The first thing I have to mention about this is the name, how lovely does Summer Sorbet sound! 
Secondly, this is the perfect product for travelling or just the summer in general as it is a cream that you apply straight after sun exposure which hydrates and soothes your skin at the same time. 
Although this is labelled as a cream it looks more like a light pink gel but is so much lighter than either a gel or a cream and it also smells amazing, it lives up to the name of sorbet!
I can’t pin my finger on exactly what this does smell like but it remind me of summers when I was a lot younger. 
Unfortunately, My Little Beauty do not ship to the UK yet but when they do I think this is going to be the first product I repurchase.  
This is the third pack of metallic temporary tattoos that I have received in as many weeks…and I am still yet to try any of them! 
I prefer these ones a bit more though as they are a lot smaller than the others that I have received. 
I think I am going away for my Birthday on Friday so I may even get to try them then!

Not only do I love the theme of a road trip box I also love that nearly everything (including the My Little Beauty pouch) was pink, it’s as if they know it is my favourite colour! 

I absolutely love the product selection of this months box and the non-beauty accessories are also so handy so I can definitely see myself using them again. 

As you can tell I loved this months box, but what did you think? Was your box themed with a different colour?


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