My Little Provence Box

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As always I love this months little box!
This months theme is Provence and as L’Occitane as a brand started in this beautiful French region I received not 2 but 4 L’Occitane products this month alongside a My Little Beauty product and 2 non beauty products. 
One of the 2 products that were not beauty related which I received this month is this beautiful cuff bracelet. 
An added extra is it is customisable with the embroidery thread that was also included! 
I didn’t get a chance to customise my bracelet this weekend but I cannot wait to sit down and try out a design which I spotted in the My Little Box magazine. 
Keep an eye out on Instagram as I will definitely be sharing my creation, (as long as it doesn’t look too bad)! 
I have tried quite a few of L’Occitane’s different products but fortunately all of the products I received are new to me, including this lovely shower gel. 
I love handy little shower gels as they are so easy for travelling and it is perfect to sample in case you don’t like the smell, etc.
With this shower gel it lathers up perfectly and smells delicious.
The Mer & Mistral collection is packed full of cypress and rosemary which is what gives this products it’s beautiful scent. 
Another thing I love is the packaging of this product, although it is a pretty simple design the bottle almost looks like glass and looks gorgeous in the bathroom.
This is a really light body lotion which makes it perfect to put on first thing in the morning as it doesn’t take too long to sink into the skin. I find with thicker lotions it can sometimes take some time before you can actually get fully dressed. 
This has quite a zesty scent to it which I love as it is one of the few smells I like to wear daily, ingredients include grape seed oil and Verbena extract, (this is what gives the lotion a more lemony smell). 
I have noticed that this has moisturised softened a couple of patches of my skin that are slightly dryer and harder than the rest so this is another repurchase I will be making from L’Occitane!
I already own a couple of L’Occitanes hand and nail creams so I currently carry one round in every bag and I have one on hand at work so I was happy to receive another one in a scent that I have not tried before. 
 I find it really difficult to review Hand and Nail creams as my hands do not get overly dry and my nails are acrylic so I don’t notice to much of a difference. 
Although, I can say from using the L’Occitane hand creams my hands are normally always soft and smooth with the exception of a couple of dry patches from doing the washing up!
I normally like to use the vanilla hand cream as it is more of a subtle smell but over the past couple of months I am starting to love the rose scent a lot more. 
This is a really subtle smelling hand cream that’s not too thick so it is perfect for everyday use as it does not leave your hands feeling overly greasy or slippery after applying.
I am yet to use this as I don’t normally use traditional soap any more, normally we have a gel soap to use by the sink. 
Although, I do know this is going to smell beautiful as it is from the same collection as the Verbena Body Lotion I also received in this month’s box. 
I am going to remove the gel soap and try this more traditional soap and as soon as I have tried this I will update you!

My Little Beauty Eye Pencil   
This has got to be my favourite product in this months box as it is a colour I wear everyday! 
This is quite a thick eye pencil so is best for applying as a shadow on the outer corners of your eyes, which is perfect for me. 
I have found this really easy to apply and the blend ability of it is awesome. 
I have also found the longevity is amazing, this stays on well all day long and I do still find it hard to remove at the end of the night. 
For someone that needs make up to stay put in the day or evening this is a definite must. 
Overall, I think this may not be one of my favourite boxes, (My Little Box have set the standards to high for themselves!), but I have loved every product I have received. 
I also cannot wait to find some time to customise my bracelet. 
As always this has to be my favourite beauty box company of the ones have tried and such an amazing gift for a friend or family member that loves trying out next beauty brands and products. 
I am really looking forward to seeing what next month’s theme is going to be!
Do you receive My Little Box? What did you think of this month’s box?


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