My Little Energy Box
Personally, this is my favourite beauty box subscription I have had yet, read on to see why…
My Little Energy Box Print
My Little Box Calendar
Just how cute is this calendar! 
I actually didn’t receive a calender this Christmas which must be the first time in forever so this has really come in handy. 
I have put this next to my dressing table so I can see anything my boyfriend and I have planned to ensure he doesn’t double book himself…which happens quite often as he does seem to forget when anything has been planned, (although I am pretty sure this is a male thing, forgetting/purposely double booking!).
My Little Box product bag
My Little Box Products
My Little Beauty Energising Spray
This is not a product I have used or ever thought about buying before but it turns out it is pretty good. This is an energising mist you can use this anytime of the day to revitalize your skin. 
This is full of antioxidents, vitamin c and green tea and smells lovely. 
I am not sure if this is something I would use on a daily basis so I am unsure if I would purchase this but my boyfriend seemed to like using it!
Talika Photo-Hydra Day
This is another brand and product I have never heard of, (which is why I love getting these boxes!), but I think is going to be a staple for my dressing table now. 
This cream sinks deeper into your skin than most moisturisers which provides instant hydration. 
The blurb advises that the ‘hydra-photo beauty technology gathers the suns energy and turns it into intercellular hydrating energy which in turn keeps your skin hydrated non-stop all day’. 
Now I can’t say this is something I noticed as we haven’t really had much sun over the past week or so but I have found my skin feels amazing after using this and does work as an awesome make up primer too!
Nails Inc. Tate Red
Nails Inc. and OPI are my favourite brands when it comes to long lasting nail polish so I was really happy to receive a new polish in a very wearable colour. This colour is called Tate Red and is something I would mainly wear through Autumn and Winter as it matches my darker wardrobe better! 
I love the application, 2 coats is enough as it is not too watery for anymore than that. the durability is also pretty awesome too, nearly a week without it chipping!
My Little Box Gym Bag

As this months box was all about the New Year and energy I also received this really cute gym bag, you can see it is not on my dressing table as normal as this bag is pretty big! It’s something I would use for the gym or just as a going away bag. Although, make sure your darker clothes are covering any intimates as it is pretty see through!
I have received every box from My Little Box since the launch back in September and so far they just haven’t got anything wrong. Brand selection, product selection and sample sizes are just incredible. 
I also really love the additional gifts you get that are not necessarily beauty related, in My little Cosy Box I received the cutest little mug which suits me perfectly as I collect teapots, teacups and any cute mugs. 
If you are looking for a subscription for yourself or as a gift, this is the one I would pick. You can also use the boxes and bags the products come in to use as cute packaging for presents you are giving away!
On a side note, I have done a lot of beauty posts recently as January is always a tough month and I do not receive any free clothes/products nor do I currently have a collaboration with any brands so I pick and purchase everything I review just for you.
I have lots of outfit posts I have planned and I will be shopping again very soon so you will be seeing more fashion posts as soon as everything has arrived!
If you do love the beauty posts I have been adding or would like to see something more fashion or lifestyle related, let me know in the comments below.


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