As always My Little Dream Box is perfect!
From the packaging to the products to the brand selection they never seem to get it wrong. 
This months theme is dream and it really is dreamy, beautiful products, gorgeous jewellary and stationary…whats not to love!
Dream Big Stamp
A lot of people don’t use stationary anymore, if you ask anyone in my office they will tell you I should be using a quill, however I do love writing and using stationary so I can’t wait to start using this stamp! 
There’s 12 different stamps you can use, although I think the one I will use most is the To Do stamp as I write a To Do list every morning.
 This beautiful necklace came within a beautiful cloud that I had to cut into to get the necklace out but as pretty as the packaging was the necklace is even more so. 
Bonne Etoile means ‘Lucky Star’ and that is exactly how I feel receiving this! 
Although I have not wore the necklace yet because I don’t want to ruin it as I am saving it for my sister’s wedding in June. 
 The designer Delphine Pariente designed this exclusively for My Little Box and she is also giving everyone 20% off using the code ‘DPMLB’ until May 20th! 
I may have already found a few things I am going to be purchasing come payday.
This product is amazing! 
If you didn’t already know from my ever changing hair colour, I bleach my hair a lot more than most people so I love trying new hair products. 
I have only used this twice but each time my hair felt incredibly soft afterwords and probably gave my hair the hydration that it needed. 
   The ingredients in this product include walnut oil and shea butter, the former I have never used before but it must work and the latter is one of my favourite products to use on my hair and skin. 
I really hope this lasts for quite a while as I will probably need it a lot more next week once I get my granny hair back!
So I hope I am not the first person to see this and not realise that perfume can come in stick form, but I actually really like it. 
The perfume I received was quite a subtle scent but it smells amazing and I think am going to be using soft perfumes a lot more as this scent seemed to stay with me a lot longer than a normal eau de parfum has done. 
I adore the packaging, the bright pattern is lovely and it is small enough to keep in your handbag, you also know it will not smash like a standard glass bottle.

Loved by Lou Lesage Lip Balm
I have worn this nearly every day since I received this months box, it is such a lovely shade of red and is so moisturising for your lips. 
As the weather is ever changing at the moment I have really needed this as my skin doesn’t do well with the inconsistent temperature and I have managed to have colour as well as moisture which is a bonus.
As always this is my favourite beauty box that I received this month, I love the brand selection as it is all french brands that I have never heard of, (excluding My Little Beauty)!
I do think this is a perfect little treat for yourself or a friend each month as the products you receive are always completely different, one month I received beauty products and a mug, this month I received beauty products, jewellary and stationary. 
Have you subscribed to My Little Box? What do you think of this beauty box subscription? 


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  • Jen Wood
    April 27, 2015

    I love this month's box, I have the Walt Disney cloud on my fridge reminding me that if I can dream it I can do it. I didn't receive the perfume stick, for which I am grateful, I am very particular about perfume and only wear Jo Malone. I got a gorgeous face wash though.

  • Sam
    April 27, 2015

    This months box was pretty amazing, although I have loved every box I received so far 🙂 That's good that you got the face wash instead of the perfume, I hate receiving products from beauty boxes that I would never use! X