My First Glossybox – Iconic Hollywood Edition

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I have mentioned in a few posts that I was going to start looking at other beauty boxes so where best to start with Glossybox’s Iconic Hollywood themed box.
I decided to try this subscription as it is a box I have seen other bloggers praise frequently and I love the theme!
 I really like the packaging of this box and the box itself, it would be lovely to give away with some cute beauty gifts inside! 
I was pleasantly surprised when I opened my box to find everything all wrapped up neatly in a nice little bow, the shredded paper inside also made it feel rather special.
I don’t normally like the rose scent but this is the second rose product I have received this month and I think it is growing on me.
I have only used this a couple of times but it does make my skin feel soft and smooth, the scent it leaves also lasts quite a while and is not too over powering. 
I was talking to my boyfriends Nanny a few days ago about face creams and she happened to mention that during World War 2 Astral and Nivea were the only creams that people could get a hold of. She also mentioned that the women that used Astral seemed to end up having the nicest skin when they grew older. 
This cream is something I have heard of but this is the first time I have got to try it out and it really is lovely, as well as being a moisturiser it can also remove your make up, so that’s a bonus! 
I have started to notice a few fine lines under my eyes so I am going to keep using this and fingers crossed they will disappear.
I am loving nude nails at the moment and this seems to be the perfect shade for me. 
It is a brand that I have never heard of before but it’s one that I think I will be using again, the main reason for this is the polish seems to last quite a while without any chips appearing.
The polish goes on really well but it is a lot thinner than I normally prefer meaning I used 3 coats to make sure the colour looked the best it could. 
I have used a few different Lord and Berry lipsticks/crayons and they are some of the best I have used, the longevity of them are incredible.
This is the perfect colour for an Iconic Hollywood box and to be honest probably for most people.
This is a red lip crayon with a slight orangey undertone but because of that undertone it is slightly more subtle than Ruby Woo or any other bright reds and because of my current hair colour I definitely prefer this shade.

This is another brand I have not heard of but it seems to sell some lovely products.
This is a matte black eye liner with a smudger at the end, as the pencil is really quite soft the smudger just seems to wipe away all of the products so I am not sure on that. 
The eye liner itself glides on beautifully and does not crumble, however it is not the most hard wearing of pencils and doesn’t seem to be water proof so I imagine this is a pencil you would need to apply more than once a day.
When I think of Iconic Hollywood the 2 things, or should I say people, that pop into my head are Audrey Hepburn and Marylin Monroe and I think this box has the perfect products to emulate them. 
Black cat eyeliner, red lips, smooth skin but I was not overwhelmed when I first saw the products inside.  
Overall, I have to be honest and say I am not 100% on this box. I have heard some amazing reviews but I expected their to either be more products or larger products due to the size of the box. I think I may have been slightly disappointed because the 2 Birchbox’s I received this month were a lot better than the previous few and unfortunately this one did not match the quality.
I am going to try next months box and see if I prefer that one but for now I am going to umm and ahh between both Glossybox and Birchbox for the time being.
Have you tried Glossybox? What did you think of the boxes you have received?


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