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MeMeMe Blusher & Eyeshadow
I won these products in Katie Loves (she has an awesome blog by the way,you should check it out!) Valentines MeMeMe Cosmetics giveaway.
I completely forgot I had entered until Katie emailed me to tell me I had won, I had never heard about this brand until I saw Katie’s blog post about them and I couldn’t wait to try them out.
MeMeMe Shimmer Stack
MeMeMe Eyeshadow Quad Opulant Eyes
MeMeMe Eyeshadow Swatches
MeMeMe Cosmetics
As this is a completely new brand to me I had a very open mind when trying them and I was pleasantly surprised.
The shimmer stack has 5 colours in that can be used all together as a blusher, although I really like the top whitish colour as a highlighter as it is slightly creamier than the rest of the colour and it seriously brightens your under eye area.
All in all this blusher is pretty good although I did find that when I tried to swatch these colours the second colour down and the bottom colour did not swatch as well as the rest of the colours. 
I absolutely love the eye shadow quad as these are the colours I would normally wear and they are so pigmented you do not need to use alot to get a beautiful colour. 
These eye shadows are really wearable for both day or night looks, the shadow themselves are pretty thick so you only need to use your brush lightly when applying otherwise you do end up with way too much colour. 
I really enjoyed using these products and I have also found a few other products on the site that I am going to be trying next including Flawless Finish Cream Foundation and The Ultimate Eye Palette.

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