May Birchbox Products
Last months box was a make it or break it for me, I had not been happy with the products I was receiving and was debating on whether to cancel my subscription. Luckily, I loved last months standard box and the additional Tatler for Birchbox, I don’t feel this months box quite lived up to last months but it still pretty good.
May Birchbox
May Birchbox Products
Parlor Sea Salt Spray
I used to use sea salt spray a few years ago but I had to stop due to the amount of heat and bleach that was being added to my hair and the sea salt was just making my it dryer than it already was. 
It made me a bit nervous to use this because my hair is still being bleached quite regularly but I was pleasantly surprised after using this product a few times as it didn’t feel dry at all. 
I can’t say I noticed my hair feeling any softer as if it had been moisturised but I do deep condition my hair and use masks fairly often.
I have loved using this when I curl my hair, I found a tutorial on YouTube that says to use a similar product to this after curling to make the curls look a little less perfect and muss it up a little. 
I really liked using this so I think I may repurchase when I do run out, seeing as I don’t use too much at a time I think it will still be another month or two before I need to top up.
RMK Make Up Remover
I am already a massive fan of RMK products, their foundations especially, but I have not used this product before mainly because like the RMK make up it is quite pricey. 
I have been using this in place of my microcellar water and I have found that I have a lot less make up on my cotton pad when toning after so it seems to be a lot more effective. 
The best thing about this make up remover is it takes my waterproof eye liner and mascara off without taking too much time or effort. According to the write up this is due to the fact this is double layered. 
I would love to say I would repurchase this product but I think at £20 it is slightly too much money for me, I will stick to my Bioderma for the time being!
Caudalie Tinted Moisturiser
Birchbox recently updated their beauty profiles and luckily I updated mine too which meant I have received the perfect colour in this tinted moisturiser.
Caudalie is a brand I really like using, although I have only ever received samples and not bought any full size products. 
I used this tinted moisturiser out a few times and to see if people would notice any difference I did not wear make up just this product into the office. 
For the first time ever I was wearing less make up than normal and no one asked me if I was feeling unwell! 
I also noticed that even thought this is a moisturiser it did not add too much oil to my skin like others do. 
This is going to be my first Caudalie full size buy and a definite favourite for the summer.
Mirenesse Lip Rouge
This is the first time I have ever heard of this brand but I really love the shade if this Lip Rouge, especially because I received the shade New York. 
Another thing I like about this product is it smells good enough to eat, which is pretty much what I did the first time I put it on!
Although I do love the shade, the smell and the packaging I really am not sure on the consistency. 
It seemed slightly too thick for what I would normally wear so I only managed to wear it for a short while before removing it so I am unsure of the longevity of this product.
It’s such a shame that the consistency was off because everything else was spot on for me.
WAH London Nail Art Pen
If you have heard of WAH London, you most likely would of seen the images online of the nails and nail art they produce, it is freaking amazing!
This was the sample we got to choose this month and I chose this pen so I could try out some new nail art on my toes for the summer.
Unfortunately, I really don’t like this colour! 
I was hoping for a nice pastel shade like the ones I had seen in the advertising. 
I may give this a go as a practice pen but this colour isn’t something that would go with any of the outfits I would wear.
Lumiere d'iver Reconstructing Masque
I haven’t yet had a chance to try this product as I had my hair done a week or so ago so I am not ready for a masque for another 2 weeks. 
I checked out what has been said about this product online and I have found that it contains soy proteins, shea butter, sunflower seed and jojoba seed which is a few of my favourite products so I am really looking forward to trying this soon.
Colouring Pencils

If you had’t already seen it online there are now adult colouring books out there for everyone to colour their hearts out. 
This months box was a box you could colour in with the pencils included! 
I have started on mine so I will be sharing the finishing product on my Instagram as soon as it has been done! 
Overall, I was pretty pleased with this months box even though I do think it wasn’t quite as good as last months. 
The brand and product selection was this months winner as there are a few brands I have seen around and never tried and a couple I already love. I am still really disappointed about the colour of the nail art pen but as it is a surprise box, 4 out of 5 ain’t bad!
What did you think of this months Birchbox? 


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