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Lush Products
I popped into Lush a couple of days ago as I had completely ran out of my favourite toner, I promised myself I wasn’t going to buy anything else, but…..this may have happened!
Lush Bath Bombs
I love Lush bath bombs and I think most people will agree! I always like to try the new collections that come in but I do have some firm favourites. 
Golden Egg:
This is incredible because it is glittery, it is also a pain the in arse for the same reason! 
As soon as you touch this you are covered head to toe in glitter somehow so you can imagine what it is like after a bath. 
This bomb has a orange scent and is full of Columbian butter which makes your skin feel incredibly smooth.
Dragons Egg:
This is definitely my absolute favourite and the one I purchase every time I pop into Lush, this bomb has a lovely citrus smell which I adore. 
It is also fascinating to watch as after you put it in the bath the bomb dissolves and you notice a load of confetti appearing in the bath and once it gets to the middle it is like molten lava, a load of gold glitter starts pouring out and fills the bath.
Fluffy Egg: 
This turns you bath into the most incredible pink colour and smells rather sweet and very similar to the shower fairy that Lush sells! 
I think I will be stocking up on this one before they stop stocking them!
Comforter Bubble Bar:
This is my overall favourite of the haul, it smells like sherbet and candyfloss!
You crumble this one into the bath under the running water and it creates a load of bubbles which means the bar lasts for around 3 baths rather than the one. 
It also turns your bath pink which is awesome because who wouldn’t want a pink bath! It is another product which makes you skin feel fabulous after. 
This is now also going to be another regular  purchase along with the dragons egg for when I prefer bubbles.
There were so many more bath bombs and bubble bars I would of loved to have tried including the carrot bubble bars and the rabbits bath bombs but decided for just these 4. 
I can’t wait for the next collection to come in so I can try out some more.
Lush Toner
Lush Face Mask
Tea Tree Water Toner:
I actually went in for the Breath of Fresh Air toner as that is what I have been using for the past few months and it has improved my skin so much. 
I accidentally picked up the Tea Tree Water by mistake as Lush was absolutely packed but I really like the smell and how my skin feels slightly tingly after use. 
New Charity Pot: 
I have to buy a small charity pot every time, I just can’t seem to help myself! 
I keep a pot in all of my handbags as it helps with any dry skin on my hands or face.
I also take a small pot away when we travel so I can keep my skin hydrated on the plane and it also helps when you have a sun burnt nose.
Cupcake Face Mask: 
This is the first time I tried this mask and I love it, mainly because it smells like chocolate! 
The mask is quite thick and treats most skin types especially skin that is prone to breakouts, as well as the chocolate smell it also has a hint of mint. 
It is not a mask that turns hard on your face but it can kind of double up as an exfoliator, when removing this mask you rub it into the skin which makes your skin look and feel amazing after.
As with all Lush products, it is made up of all natural ingredients so my boyfriend tried to eat a bit, turns out not as nice as it looks! 
What are your favourite products from Lush?  

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