Twenties Are Ending! 29 Thoughts For 29 Years

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And just like that, I’m in my last year of my twenties. No doubt the drinks will be flowing at the weekend to celebrate…or commiserate?! I wrote a post on my 27th about the things I’ve learnt and a lot has happened in the last couple of years. So when better to update it than now!

  1. You will get excited over the strangest of things, especially for the home. Sliding cupboards in the new kitchen, yes please! A new Shark Hoover that has headlights, all over it!
  2. You will buy more things for the house than yourself. Less make up palettes, more cushions and candles.

3. So many nightclubs you used to know and love have changed names numerous times. But you will still call it by the name you knew.

4. Hangovers hurt, real bad and then if that’s not bad enough last for days. No more 3 nights out in a row, it takes that long now to get over a couple of drinks!
5. You will feel like you are behind. Friends and family will be getting engaged, married and having babies, even you 21 year old nephew. But that’s fine, that’s not your path and everything will happen for a reason.
6. Hair appears from new places, chin hair. What even is that?!
7. Before you could have 4 hours sleep then head into work as if it was nothing. Now films are not started after 8.30pm because you need that perfect 8 hours sleep!


8. Everyone else on a night out looks about 12. So you end up with very limited places to go and normally end up at a wine or cocktail bar. Very sophisticated.
9. Everything starts to hurt. Bad back, achy shoulders, sore knees, you name it!
10. One little bit of exercise will make you ache for days, see above! But it is totally worth it.
11.You will start taking better care of yourself to try and stop the aforementioned aches and pains! Eating healthier, exercising, vitamins, the list goes on…

People will ask when you are getting married, pregnant, buying a house regardless of whether these are things that you actually want. Because Susan thinks you should be settling down and not living your best life.

13. Friendships. They come and go. You could be best friends for 7 years and then your ghosted. Or close friends for a short amount of time and grow apart. You learn to live with this, it doesn’t mean it doesn’t still hurt but you do get over it.
14. Take risks. You only have one life, live it to the fullest. Want purple hair, do it! You like some, tell them! If you don’t take the risk you’ll never know where you could end up.
15. Listen to your gut, it’s there for a reason. I’ve ignored it in the past and then it’s turned out to be right. Your gut is your intuition and it always knows even if your head and heart doesn’t.


16. Skincare is a must. So is using SPF daily. Your face and body will always change but it is so worth looking after it as much as possible.

17. Choose Happy. If the job/friendship/relationship is not working out and you have tried your best, move on. It sounds really harsh but you could end up miserable and with someone you’re not meant to be with a lot longer than you should be.
18. Being alone is OK. And doesn’t mean you’ll be lonely. Time with yourself is good for you and can be productive. Even if it’s just time blogging or reading a book it is always good for the mind.
19. Look after your mind as well as your body. Stress is proven to be bad for you and can affect your body too. Mindfullness apps, meditation and exercise can help.

20. Anxiety is a bitch.
And it rears it’s ugly head when you least expect it.
Popping to Ikea to buy furniture, panic attack for no apparent reason.
Sat at your desk working, yep that pain in your arm is definitely a heart attack and not from pole fitness.
It doesn’t define you but it’s hard to keep it under control.

21. Talk. If you have issues with someone talk to them. You have issues with yourself, see a therapist. Bottling everything up is never a good idea and causes more harm than good.
22. Not everyone will like you. Accept it, put your big girl pants on and carry on.
23. Be kind. No-one likes a negative nancy or someone that is constantly bitching. You never know what someone else is going through and one mean word could fuck up their whole day/week/month.
24. Say no. Being a ‘people pleaser’ or a ‘yes man’ doesn’t always work. You can burn yourself out and become a walkover.


25. Turning 30 is not the be all and end all. I’ve been quite fearful of the big Three O but I’ve decided to embrace it and do as many fun things in the final year of my twenties as I can.

26. Sex does get better. Everyone is so uncomfortable when they are younger but the older you get and less hung up on your body changes everything. Even more so when you find that someone you are just oh so compatible with.
27. You will learn to love your body and embrace your flaws. In the last year I’ve stopped criticising every lump or bump and be thankful for being healthy.
28. Be a cheerleader! Don’t put people down for celebrating their successes, build them up and be pleased for them.
29. Your life plan will change. One minute you have bought a house, a dog and your planning a wedding, then suddenly it changes. And that’s a good thing! You can’t plan everything because there will be obstacles and changes along the way.


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