January Birchbox with Women’s Health

Birchbox by Womenshealth
January Birchbox by Women's Health
If you haven’t received your Birchbox yet and want to sneak a peek or if you are thinking about subscribing, read on to see what I thought of this months box….
Birchbox Pilates Band
I have never tried Pilates so to be perfectly honest, I didn’t know what this was when I opened my box! After reading the handy guide in the box, (and reading online), I now know how to use it and the benefits. 
This is something you can use when at work or just sat at home watching tv, although there are hundreds more ways you can use them, but the desk exercise helps to strengthen ankles which is great for a avid heel wearer like myself.
Phillip Kingsley Conditioner
I love Philip Kingsley products and I was happy to receive a bodybuilding conditioner in my box as I am always trying to find a way to make my fine hair look at lot thicker. 
I didn’t notice a difference after using this conditioner but as with most products like this, you need both the shampoo and the conditioner, plus some time to really notice a change with your hair.
I am going to give this product, plus the shampoo, another try to see what results I get but I am going to wait until my hair colour changes so keep an eye out for a full review on the Body Building set!
Activbod Cooling Finish Lotion
This is not only a brand I have never heard of but also a product I had no clue existed. This is a menthol product you rub into your skin after a workout, which in turn gives your skin a tingling sensation and cools you down. 
I think this is best for busy people who may not have time to shower after a work out but it is not something I will be using again as I prefer to jump in a cool shower if I have been dancing or working out. 
REN Face Mask
I love, love, love REN products, the first time I use anything made by REN was in a boutique hotel in Exeter called The Magdalen Chapter, (it is beautiful!), and since trying out these products out for the first time a year ago I have treated myself to quite a few of the REN products. 
After buying so many products it was nice to try this mask as it is not one I have tried before and I must admit it is absolutely lovely, this made my skin feel fresh and soft after a Christmas of chocolate and alcohol which has caused a few flare ups!
Another thing I did notice is this mask did not have an overpowering smell like the past couple of masks that have been in my Birchbox, (other brands masks that is), and I have found this neutral smell is a trait in all REN products which is partly why I do love them so much.
Heal Gel
This is another product I had not heard of until this months box and it has been quite interesting to sample. It’s lists of ingredients include organic silicone, collagen-boosting peptides and arnica which from the Heal Gel website states can soothe, restore and improve your skin. You can actually use this product as a make up primer which I have been doing and my skin has felt a lot better and looks a lot less dull from our Christmas of indulgences. 
I would love to buy this product again but it does have quite a high price tag, I am not going to rule it out but it’s not a product I will be running out to the shops to buy straight away.
Stila Lip Glaze

Stila Lip Glaze  
I have used a few Stila products in the past and I do think they are fabulous but I just don’t think this product is for me. Now it’s not a bad product at all, it smells great, it lasts reasonably well for a lip gloss/glaze but I just don’t think I will find myself wearing it. I think part of it may be because I am now a huge lip stick fan and the other half of me is reminded of the glosses I used to use when trying out gloss for the first time when I was quite a lot younger!
I like to be completely honest with the reviews I write and this month I was really disappointed with my Birchbox, and judging by comments I have seen on Facebook and Instagram I am not the only one.
It’s not that the brand selection was bad, you can see above that I did like some of the products, it was just the minute I was given the box it did not feel a full as normal.
On opening the box it was a little bit underwhelming, this may be because the boxes in December were so full and had a couple of full size products. 
I can’t remember what my January box was like last year but I am not going to cancel my subscription because of one box, I just hope next month’s box is a little bit more exciting.


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