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Over the past 18 months or so my blog posts have been…sporadic, is probably the best word.

I have given myself many excuses of why I have not been posting, ranging from lack of inspiration to just not having enough time. Although both are somewhat true I have often found myself at a loose end and although I have wanted to blog something has been holding me back.

I have never ending lists of post ideas but I have told myself I couldn’t do photos due to the lack of photographer, the weather being terrible or not being able to afford the products/clothes that I wanted to write about, Farsali Unicorn Essence here’s looking at you!

Really what I have been bogged down with is my newly acquired anxiety that first started at the tail end of last year. Something I’ll come back to in another post which has been written and ready to post for the last 3 months.  Also, I’ve had a huge lack of motivation due to measuring myself against a lot of other bloggers in the industry. These along with numerous other reasons have made me forget why I started Pretty in Peeptoes in the first place. It wasn’t to compare myself to other more successful bloggers or to pinpoint my flaws in every photo I have taken, it was somewhere for me to write about the things that I love or hate to use, my own style and anything else that pops into my brain!

Over the Easter weekend you may have seen a lot of mentions about bots, reading the twitter and blog posts surrounding the uproar it has made me realise some ‘successful’ bloggers may not be quite as honest as the majority are, if I have a small number of genuine followers that I didn’t have to buy that suits me just fine. I also got around to reading some motivational posts from few different bloggers including Hannah Gale’s, ‘Is your Blog Content Good Enough‘ to Nicole at Sleek Chic’s ‘How to Juggle Writing a Blog & Working Full Time‘. And generally just following Milly from Milly Day Dreams who not only blogs/posts the prettiest images on Instagram consistently, works and also has a child, I have finally got my inspiration back and I am ready to get organised and jump back into blogging head first!


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