How Much Is My Face Worth?

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Everyday Make Up Products
Whilst I was organising my new make up drawers a couple of weeks ago it made me wonder how much my everyday face is worth.
Turns out it was slightly more than I thought it would be!
Everyday Base Make Up
I try and keep a lighter base for my everyday make up as I don’t want to look too dressed up for a day in the office so I use these 4 as my go to base on a daily basis. 
You will notice I have a mix of cheaper products mixed in with some more expensive products, I am currently on the look out for a new loose powder and blush. NARS is looking like my favourite at the moment but for now the MeMeMe Blush and Natural Collections Loose Powder are working perfectly for me. 
Total: £61.75
Benefit Eye Products
Urban Decay Naked 2 Palette
Urban Decay Naked 2 Palette Swatches
I have been using the Benefit They’re Real products for the last year or so and I love them, I am yet to find another mascara I love as much.
I do have a few different soft kohl pencils but I use this Rimmel eye liner most and keep my other ones for best. 
I think I am not the only one that is obsessed with the Naked palettes and I am using Naked 2 at the moment, I think the most used colours in the palette are YDK, Snakebite and Suspect but I love the versatility of the Naked palettes as you can create so many different looks with these 12 colours. 
They are mainly shimmer but there are a few matte colours although I do find myself using the shimmer a lot more. 
Total: £79
Everyday Eyebrow Products
As you can tell from the picture I use the Brow Zings quite a lot! I love the coloured wax but I have found the powder slightly too dark for my eyebrows now I have lighter hair so I have started using the Anastasia powder instead as it is slightly lighter.
Total: £39.50
MAC Lipstick and Lip Liner

MAC Satin Lipstick in Twig – £15.50
MAC Lip Pencil in Dervish – £12.50   
I picked these lip products up in Bloomingdales when we visited New York before Christmas last year, I wanted to try the Kylie Jenner lip and the wonderful make up artist matched these colours to me. 
I own quite a few MAC lipsticks now but I use this for every day as it is nude and not too OTT, although I do adore Ruby Woo like most people! 
Total: £28.00
After adding that all up I was pretty shocked with how much money I have spent on the products I use everyday so I am never going to add up all of the products I own because I think I would have a slight break down about the amount of money I spend on make up!
Luckily like most people I buy things as and when I need/buy them so everything is bought at different times however I think that is why a lot of people don’t realise how much money they are putting on their faces everyday.  
Overall Total: £208.25!!
Have you ever calculated what your face is worth? What are your favourite everyday products?


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1 Comment
  • Jen Wood
    April 29, 2015

    I think my other half would have a breakdown at the amount I have spent at Jo Malone. My friend let slip the real prices to her boyfriend (I have a motto, half the real price, what he doesn't know won't hurt him) he was astonished and said he was going to tell on me. Luckily he was joking.