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Benefit Hello Flawless
These products have been around longer than I have been blogging but I have only just got around to trying them so thought it would be rude to not write a review!
Benefit Hello Flawless Foundation
Benefit I'm so money honey
Benefit Hello Flawless Powder
Hello Flawless Powder
Hello Flawless Powder with brush and sponge
Benefit Hello Flawless Packaging
I popped into the Benefit Boutique at the weekend aiming to come out with just a mascara, (They’re Real), but apparently my will power is just not that great. 
And, I had such a great colour match with Ria I couldn’t not buy these 2 products. 
The first thing I love about the foundation is the SPF, I am terrible for putting sun cream on so it is nice to know my face is protected all the time from my foundation. 
I have only been using Oxygen Wow for a couple of days now but I find that even when I do put more foundation than normal on it doesn’t feel like I have anything on my face at all. 
The only thing I have noticed with this is I seem to have a more oily t-zone than normal but then that could just be my skin and not the product so I am going to keep wearing it and keep an eye on my skin.
I got the shade Honey in both products, which is a little bit warmer than normal but as the summer months should be coming I wanted to make sure it would last and I wouldn’t end up looking like a ghost.
After trying the foundation and powder together I really liked the base that Ria gave me in the boutique and I have found it is really easy to replicate from home. 
Although this powder does come with a brush and a sponge I do not normally like the brushes that come with products so I have been using the sponge for more of a cover up and my MAC 134 to get a flawless coverage.
Again the SPF in this powder is an added bonus, you can’t be too careful about sun damage! 
Another thing I did want to mention was the packaging because it is beautiful! 
I am a sucker for good packaging and this made me want to buy the product more, what I didn’t realise until I opened the foundation box was the free sample of Stay Flawless Primer.
I haven’t gotten around to trying this yet, (as I wanted to photograph it!), but if it does keep the foundation on for longer I will be buying it on my next trip to town. 
Have you tried any of Benefit’s foundations or powders? Which ones are your favourites?

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