Happy New Year!

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A lot of people will have already sat down and wrote their new years resolutions (you know the ones, less alcohol, get fit, etc!), but I have never actually written any new years resolutions, ever! 
Not a lot of people seem to stick to them so this year in it’s place and for the first time I am going to create my 2015 Plan of Action.
Last year was all about saving up and booking my mum and I’s Christmas trip to New York (you can see a couple of days from that trip here!). This year is going to be slightly different, what you may not know is I currently live with my boyfriend at his parents house so we are now going to go on a mega save for our mortgage. Which means seeing ‘dream’ houses and decor ideas appearing a lot more on here and my social media pages, especially Pinterest – I may or may not have about 5 house boards already that you can see here
I will also be making more time to post on here as when I first started back in July I didn’t realise how much time you actually need and how much you start to slack when life gets a little busy. Fingers crossed there will be at least 3 posts a week, if not more but please don’t hate me if this does slip slightly! 
One of the most common resolutions I hear every single year is to get fit. I actually started going to a fitness/ballet class in the summer so I am going to try and carry on with this class and maybe work out a little more as I will be hitting a quarter of a century old this year!
I hope this year will be as full as the last year with all the amazing opportunities I have had and all the happy memories I have made, also our own house to decorate would be good! 
I just wanted to take this time to wish everyone a Happy New Year!
Do you normally make New Years Resolutions? Have you made any for this year? I would love to hear them! 


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