Happy 1st Birthday Rosie!

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So this is a slightly different post today as the puppy I am godparent to, (seriously!), is 1 tomorrow!  
I could probably post hundreds of photos but as cute as she is I’m sure most people would get slightly bored.The picture on the left is when we had only first met her a week before…and the right, the cone of shame! 
The ginger princess is only slightly spoilt and she has come a long way from the timid little puppy that would not leave the kitchen to now owning the house…and the bed. It is amazing how much you can love a dog that is not actually yours and it has made me so excited for when we have our own house and a puppy of our own to play with Rosie.  
We were actually dog sitting for Rosie over the last weekend and I do feel slightly lost without my shadow now, every time I went anywhere there was a little patter of paws behind me, even when I fell asleep she had to cuddle in! 
I know this is slightly different to Fashion and Beauty and I promise you a Fashion post tomorrow but who doesn’t love cute pictures of puppies, (I thought that’s what the internet was for anyway?!), so Happy Birthday Rosie! 

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