Goals to end 2019

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I know, I know it’s only September but as the summer draws to a close I’ve started to think about my goals for the next 3 months. It’s been a busy year and I have let a few things slide like my blog and exercise but as the evenings get darker and the temperature gets colder I’m going to get motivated.

Save more money

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Since I sold my house last year my saving has stalled somewhat, maybe to a complete stop. As I want a holiday next year my first goal is to save. I’m normally pretty strict on my savings so I need to get back into that head space.My goal is at least a few hundred pounds by the end of the year, wish me luck!

Blog More

I love blogging and the blogging community, I just I don’t have the time or energy after work. I now have an hour drive each way to work, so by the time I’m home I’m exhausted and I find it hard to be creative. My goal is to work on my blog more throughout my lunch and plan a couple of months ahead. A big part of my problem is imagery, I think I’m OK at flat lays but I can’t get any pictures of myself. To get around this I’ve started using more stock images. It might help with the 4 half written posts in my drafts!
I signed up to Grow and Glow by Vix Meldrew and this has spurred me on to not give up on Pretty in Peeptoes. 
My main blog goal is to create and post more content and as a secondary goal start approaching brands to work with. That’s it, I’ve written it down so I have to work towards it now.

Macbook and notebook

Get Active

Last year I was working out a lot, with a personal trainer and pole fitness. This year not so much and I can really see and feel the difference. I’m quickly approaching thirty and I know I need to get more active as I get older. I’m still going to pole weekly but the gym and my personal trainer are a distant memory. I’ve moved so I am now on the lookout for a new gym and my goal is to look as good as last year and to lift as much as before.

Handle Anxiety

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I’ve written before about my battle with anxiety, mainly health anxiety but hello massive over thinker over here! Works been extremely busy and my long commute has made my anxiety flare up. And my jaw is sore from all the clenching. The goal, probably the same goal as the last 4 years, is to get a better handle on my mind and not think I’m dying at least once a day. (Today I thought I was having a heart attack and then a stroke.) Mindfulness and meditation have helped in the past so that’s my starting point. If anyone does have any tips on how to stop jaw clenching, send them over and help a girl out!

Stop the Comparison

Last year I was the most confident I have ever been, comfortable in my skin and happy with my body and fitness level. Now my body has changed, due to the lack of exercise, I’ve noticed I have started comparing myself to others again, possibly more than I used to. That girl over there, her butt is better than mine. That influencer on Instagram, she is perfection and her life looks amazing. I tend to forget that social media is a highlight reel and everyone has their struggles. Plus the filters and plastic surgery that is so often seen on online. This goal is inline with getting active, I noticed last year that as my body changed so did my confidence. If I get my ass to the gym I’m hoping the confidence will return and the comparison will stop.

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  • Hannah
    September 24, 2019

    Love this post! I always feel like September is a fresh start, even though it’s the middle of the year. These goals are great ones, especially the comparison one – I need to work on that too!

    • Sam
      September 24, 2019

      Thank you! I totally agree, I think the beginning of Autumn always gets me motivated to achieve my goals before the end of the year! Comparison is just the worst and so easy with Instagram and all the filters that are available.

  • Haydy Squibb
    September 24, 2019

    Best of luck achieving these! I use a round-up pot on Monzo and it’s a great way to save without knowing!!

    Squibb Vicious

    • Sam
      September 25, 2019

      Thank you, I might do an updated post in the New Year! Definitely need to check Monzo out, heard a lot of good things about them!