August Friday Favourites

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 Favourite Festival

I have been very lucky in the past to go to V Festival…however not so lucky this year! The first year I went to V Fest I went as a Virgin Media Angel as I was working for the company at the time. 
This meant I went for free and helped out during the entirety of the festival and also has access to the VIP areas, this is when I really caught the festival bug! 
I hope the weather isn’t too rainy for everyone going to V Fest this weekend! 

Favourite Cakes

I received Lily Vanilli’s Sweet Tooth for my birthday last month and I am now slightly obsessed with the bakery and cakes! The cakes are the most intricate and amazing cakes I have seen and sometimes include edible flowers. I am going to London soon and we are definitely going to be taking a trip to the bakery, (which only opens on a Sunday), to see how the cakes I have made do not compare to the real thing!

If you do enjoy baking I would definitely recommend Sweet Tooth it is so easy to follow and also helps you to (attempt) create some beautiful and tasty cakes.  
Favourite Floral

I received an email yesterday inviting me to take a look at the new season preview from Missguided and I love this dress! This would look great dressed up for an evening out or layered up with boots for a casual daytime look. 
I may have bought this and a few other bits so a post on this outfit will most likely feature in the near future!
Favourite Lashes
These lashes from House of Lashes are amazing, I find it very difficult to wear false lashes as I am very lucky with my own eyelashes as they are very long and curl upwards which means fake lashes always tend to be too straight and look too fake. 
These are in a league of their own as they tend to follow the natural curve of my own lashes and really do make your eyelashes look thicker and longer than normal. 
Favourite Track

This is a new band I have recently added to my playlist and I actually found them as a blogger I follow, Melon Lady , is a member of the band! They have a different sound to most of the bands I listen too but I do really enjoy their music. 
They are also coming to Plymouth in September so I will have a chance to see them live and also introduce my friends to some new music!  

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