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Over the past few months I seem to have had a bit of a foundation obsession as I really want to achieve flawless foundation that lasts all day long. 
As I now have a bit of a collection I thought I would show you a few of the foundations I have bought and been wearing recently.
I love Urban Decays eye shadows, especially the Naked palettes so I thought I would give the Naked foundation a try. 
This is a liquid foundation which I bought in the shade 3.0, this gives a near matte finish and although it does have a good coverage it doesn’t too feel heavy on the skin like a cream foundation would.
I have been wearing this foundation for when I don’t want my make up to be too heavy through out the day. I have found this does stay really well on the skin, nearly all day but if it is a little bit warmer outside I have noticed that it can seem to slide even after being set with a powder.
For that reason I wouldn’t say it was my favourite but it is definitely near the top of the list!
After telling you that the Urban Decay Naked Skin foundation is not my favourite, you will now find out the reason for that is this product!

My mum adores Chanel products but I have always found them a little out of my price range but I was watching a couple of Stephanie Lange’s YouTube tutorials the other day and I noticed this is the foundation she used in a lot of her videos and her skin looks amazing. An hour or so later I was walking out of House of Fraser with this foundation in the shade 30!
Beware! Watching Stephanie Lange’s videos will make you want to buy more make up, even if you don’t need it!
This is now my all time favourite foundation, (for now!), as I love how smooth and bright it makes my skin after application and as it is long wear I have noticed it does stay on perfectly throughout the day, even when my office is an oven. 
I have been using this for day to day wear and as a base that I contour over the top of and it works perfectly for both purposes. 
This is the most expensive of the 3 foundations with 30 ml setting you back around £36 but I would recommend it to anyone, you don’t need a lot of product on your sponge so I am hoping this will last for quite a while but even if it doesn’t, it will be on my re-purchase list. 
This foundation was a bit of an impulse buy whilst picking up some more They’re Real mascara. Whilst browsing in Debenham’s Rea offered to give me a colour match and her foundation looked incredible and she advised me this was the one she was wearing. 
She took my make up off and reapplied using this product and under the store lights it looked and felt lovely. 

However, after I started using this with the powder I noticed that my skin seemed to be looking quite greasy during the day, something I have never really suffered with. 
It’s such a shame because not only was this not a cheap foundation, I normally love everything I buy from Benefit so it was disappointing to find something I did not like. 
It hasn’t put me off though, I will continue to buy Benefit products and I am going to try another of their foundations in a couple of weeks time!

Have you tried any of these foundations? Which one’s your favourite?


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