Dare To Be Different – Worth The Splurge?

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I must’ve been living under a rock for the past few years but I hadn’t heard of Holly Boon until a few weeks ago. That has definitely changed and I am now living for her HNB Cosmetics! As soon as I saw the Dare to be Different eye shadow palette I had to have it. I know, I know I am a complete hypocrite after my last post about blogging making me broke! I haven’t bought any make up in months and decided to treat myself to an early birthday present. I’m so glad I did.

Design and Packaging

Palette Packaging

The packaging is beautiful, light pink and gold, the millennial’s colour scheme right? And that’s just the start. Inside are 12 super colourful shadows and for the first time I’ve bought a palette which doesn’t look anything like the other few, ahem 30+, that I own.


The orange through to purple on the top row I’m pretty confident with, the same with the darker bottom row. It was the middle row that intrigued me. I have hundreds of looks saved on Pinterest that use these colours but I’ve never found shadows with the right colour pay off.

Yellows always seem to disappear on my lids. Greens and blues make me look like I have a black eye!

But and this is a big BUT, the shadows are so pigmented I’ve found the yellow to beat all yellows…and you can actually see it on my eyes! I swatched all the colours at work as soon as it arrived, you could say I was excited! And even after multiple hand washes during the day most of the colours stayed put through to the evening. And that was without a primer. I’ve since worn the majority of the shades with a primer and the colour pay off is incredible.

The colours really pop in every look I have created.

I’ve worn these shadows everyday since receiving them and  even after a hot day sunbathing at the beach or a long day at work my eye shadow still looks as good as it did when I left the house in the morning. The longevity of these is definitely the best I’ve ever had.

As well as the yellow, I saw a look that Holly did using the light brown and green, which looked amazing. What I’ve found with Pinterest and Instagram is the photos are so overly edited the colours never look the same in real life. These shadows are a game changer though, the green looks nearly identical on me as it does in the images!


Formulation wise, I have had very little kickback and they’ve been a dream to blend. It feels so strange jumping from the ABH Subculture to these as there is so little effort in getting the perfect blend.

I just love, love this product and I can’t wait for more of Holly’s releases. The colour pay off, longevity and formula is probably one of, if not the best I have used in quite a long time. At only £33 it falls into the right price range. I’ve spent £50 plus on palettes that do not compare to Dare to be Different.

I have yet again tried and failed to nail the eye make up picture taking but I have included a picture (not the best quality!) to show how bright these shades appear on the skin.


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