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Cooper & Hill #CrowdDesign Purse

You may or may not have read my previous post, (here!), about working with Cooper and Hill on their #CrowdDesign concept. Simple overview, using the crowd design you can help to create a new product that will then be available to purchase on their website!
Cooper and Hill are now introducing a new concept which will help to drive down the price of your favourite products on the site! 
This is called Crowd & Co and is collective purchasing. 

Cooper & Hill Great Marlborough CrossCrowd & Co

When I first read about collective purchasing and Crowd & Co I thought it meant you and a certain amount of your friends and family had to purchase the same product to get a discount. 
I was wrong! 
What happens with Crowd & Co is if you like a product and would like to buy it, you register your interest on the site. Then the more people to like a product the more the price goes down so in effect you could get a purse or bag that normally retails for £125 for just £32, so a massive saving of £93, which personally I think it pretty freaking awesome! 

Crowd & Co

One of the best parts about this is even if you do register your interest but decide the price is too expensive or you have now found a different product you want to buy you are under no obligation to purchase the product you originally registered an interest in! 
I have included a couple of the products that are currently available in the Crowd & Co line but there are a lot more, from purses to messengers bags to tote bags, there is a choice for everyone.
I really love the idea of this new way of purchasing products for a few reasons but mainly because I really do love a lot of the products on the site and also I love finding a good bargain like most people. 
You can read more about the Crowd & Co on Cooper and Hill’s website here.

Cooper & Hill Richmond Purse

Alongside Crowd & Co, as mentioned earlier, you can help to create a new bag for the site with #CrowdDesign, design your own bespoke bag to purchase and there is currently a competition running where you can win a free bespoke bag that you design! 
All you have to do is follow Cooper & Hill on Twitter, plus a few other bloggers (myself included!), and as it is a rafflecopter competition the more people you follow means the more chances to win. 
So all you have to do is follow a few people to win a free bespoke bag, it is painless to do and the prize is amazing…I may have entered myself!
Check out the competition here.
Have you had a look on the site and registered your interest in any products yet? If you have link me up in the comments below so I can see what your favourite products are!


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