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I love Christmas, so I was so excited for Christmas in October when I was invited to the Lush Plymouth Christmas event! 
We were able to get a sneak peek of the returning favourites and brand new products which are in store this Winter. 

When we first entered the store we were greeted with drinks which were conveniently in the in the face mask ice, a bubble machine and some beautiful Christmas themed cupcakes from Mrs Brown’s Bakery. 
Then it was time to have some fun, split into 2 teams we were given a minute to make a snowman or Santa…as you can see, 1 minute is not long enough but I do think given the time restraint our efforts were pretty good! 
This year there seems to be a Nordic theme with all of the soaps, lovely carvings add to the amazing effects the soaps give. 
Pictured above are 3 of my favourites…including Yog Nog which I know was a favourite with everyone at the event. Yog Nog includes one of my most used scents ylang ylang along with cocoa powder and nutmeg which really gets you into the Christmassy mood, not that I need any help. 
We then saw Reindeer Rock which looks absolutely incredible in real life and smells good enough to eat, packed full of berries and bergamot oil this soap has a real uplifting scent and has amazing anti-inflammatory qualities which is what I know my skin needs in the winter.
Amongst Yog Nog, Reindeer Rock and many others the Baked Alaska caught my eye as it was so colourful with an amazing citrus scent, although I’m not sure I would want to use this one as it is so pretty!
   Yog Nog
    It is not a secret I buy a lot of the bath bombs and bars from Lush so I couldn’t wait to see the new products available, although Old Father Time wasn’t in stock yet.
First of all there was Bar Humbug, a purple and white glittery bubble bar which reminds of the comforter but without the candy smell, instead this has more of a liquorice scent.  
We were then shown the Yog Nog bomb, exactly the same as the Yog Nog soap but in a bomb. 

   The magic of Christmas was next and yes that is a cinnamon stick through the bottom of the reusable bubble bar, this can be used around 4-5 times. 
Another bubble bar I was instantly attracted too was the Magic Wand, like the magic of Christmas it is reusable and it also smells of Snow Fairy. This is going to be one I can see flying off the shelves, I know I think it’s awesome!

Finally, Star Dust in it’s star shape and white colour it is another bomb I can see being really popular. We were shown this one in action and inside it has little stars that appear when the bath bomb dissolves…I have been told they are edible candy but I am not sure if that’s something I would try!
We were also shown a lot more of the face, body and skin care products including Christingle a body conditioner and all of the new gift sets but this is going to be a super long post if I talk about them all, I would definitely recommend popping into your nearest Lush store and taking a look at all of the new products! 
You can check out all of the Christmas products here!I have to say I had an amazing evening at the event with the other bloggers from the area and the Lush team who made it so fun and exciting. 
On top of a lovely evening we were also given a little goody bag to take home with us, my products are pictured above and there will be a Lush haul coming soon with these products and a few others!
Have you seen any of the new products yet? Are there any you are looking forward to trying? 


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