Christmas in New York | Days 4 – 7

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I have been meaning to post this for a little while but time has just been slipping away from me, I can’t believe we are nearly a week into 2015 already! 
I apologise now as this post is very image heavy and some of these images are slightly dark/blurry, luckily the first 3 days in New York was sunny and not too cold…but on day 4 this changed quite dramatically which has caused the darkness in the images, well that and my camera!

Statue of Liberty

On day 4 we took an open top bus, (we had bought the tour and that was the bus that arrived), to the Statue of Liberty in the freezing temperature of -6 degrees! 
The weather was also pretty miserable but no rain luckily as we had to take an already rocky ferry over to see Lady Liberty herself, after going through airport style security and being proposed to by a security guard! 
I have seen the Statue of Liberty and the island millions of times on TV and in films but it was still pretty incredible being on the island. I also never realised how big she actually was, but that’s probably because on the TV she normally looks small in comparison to the skyscrapers.

 9/11 Memorial

The 9/11 memorial was one of the most beautiful but eerie places I have ever been to, I was only just 11 when it happened but I can still remember exactly where I was, (like the majority of people), when I found out and saw it on the news. 
Even though I was not personally affected by the terrible attack it was still very upsetting to be at the place where it happened. As we were leaving we saw a sign that stated on a victims birthday a white rose was placed in their name and as we turned around we could see 2 white roses on the side that we were stood on. 
We would of loved to have gone to the memorial in the fire station but we just didn’t have the time and I found out from a friend a couple of days ago that it was slightly overwhelming.
This is a place of such sadness but it is an amazing tribute to everyone who lost their lives or family that day and it is something you should go and see. 

 Rockefeller Center

How amazing is the tree at the Rockefeller Center, it was absolutely massive and must take someone aggggeesss to decorate but I think everyone would agree as long as it takes it is definitely worth it. 
We really wanted to go ice skating but we were already so cold and you had to pay for 90 minutes when really we just wanted to ice skate for about 15 minutes so unfortunately we gave it a miss.
Even though we didn’t skate it was just so amazing to be around all of the people and see the decorations as they were absolutely stunning and the pictures above really don’t do the place justice.

Saks Fifth Avenue


      I had heard about the window displays at Saks on Fifth Avenue and I just had to see them and although I knew how popular they were I did not even think we would have to queue to walk around the building! 
Luckily the queue was not too long but even if it was I would have queued to see the windows, on one side fairy tale themed windows including Rapunzel, Rumpelstiltskin, Snow White and many more. Then on the other side was quite a few twenties themed windows and the mannequins were all wearing clothes you could buy inside…although I probably could not afford them! I may have a picture of every window but I have posted a couple of my favourites.
We did go into Saks, (just the first floor), and the decorations inside definitely threatened Macy’s for best dressed store, everything was just so luxurious. 

Tiffany & Co

Tiffany’s, as expected was one of, if not my favourite place in New York, the staff inside were so friendly and the jewellary was amazing! I wish I could of bought multiple pieces but I didn’t want to spend my whole weeks budget on one item. 
I did see people do that though, one lady dropped over $3000 on a silver box that was to be engraved and her words when being told that it was $60 per letter for the 4 lines of writing she had was ‘I don’t care about the price’, how the other half live hey!
 I really, really wanted to get a pastry and pose a la Holly Golightly but there was torrential rain and gale force winds so if I did get a photo I would of looked like a windswept, drowned rat. 
Even though day 5 did start of with a storm we still managed to have a wander around Bloomingdales, Tiffany’s, Century 21 and many other shops. 
Then the best part of the day happened, it started snowing, really heavily. 
What more do you want than snow in New York at Christmas, it was like a dream come true for both my Mum and I!
On days 6 and 7 we had a couple of relaxing days, taking a tour around upper and lower Manhattan and then doing our final bit of shopping and present buying before packing for the long journey home. 
I didn’t realise just how exhausting walking around a city would be but we were absolutely knackered every evening so it was nice to have a couple of chilled out days after visiting all the tourist sites.
We stayed in a hotel called Skyline Hotel on 10th avenue and when we arrived the outside of the hotel was boarded up. We were really unsure what we would find on the inside but we needn’t have worried as it was lovely. The whole lobby was decorated and they even had a light up dog and nutcracker, (New York seem to be crazy for these!), among the decorations. 
The staff in the hotel were so friendly and helpful, they even managed to provide blue towels for me when I realised we had white towels, I really didn’t want to dye there bright white towels blue
 and green with my hair! 
As you may see we may have done slightly too much shopping but everything was just so cheap….and there was a Sephora, I couldn’t help but have a bit of a haul, (posts on what I have bought will be up soon).
I will definitely be going back to the city explore some more, this time going over to Brooklyn and I would love to go with my boyfriend as we have now both done the touristy bits.
If you have never been to New York or New York at Christmas I would more than recommend it, I just cannot put into words how incredible our holiday was.
Thank you New York for an amazing time, I will be back very soon! 
Have you ever been to New York? Where’s your favourite place in the Big Apple?

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