Christmas in New York | Days 1 – 3

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Times Square
This post has been slightly delayed thanks to jet lag, work and being poorly but it is finally here, a week or so later than planned! 
My mum has always wanted to go to New York for Christmas so as her Christmas present I took her this year for 7 days. We managed to visit all the main tourist sites of the city and even had some snow, I did take over 600 photos but I have posted just a few from days 1-3, otherwise this post would be even more image heavy than it already is!
Times Square
Sephora Urban Decay
On the first day in the city we were trying to find our bearings so we wandered away from our hotel on 10th avenue and somehow ended up in Times Square where we found Sephora.
 I have used the Sephora site previously but this was the first time I have visited the store and it was completely amazing. In one store there were so many brands that I have used previously and new brands that have been wanting to try for ages. 
Surprisingly I didn’t buy anything on the first day but I did have a haul on the last day so there will be lots of new reviews being posted very soon.
The first day was rather relaxed as we were getting ready for the madness of the next 6 days.
The second day we went to Macy’s, this happened to be a Saturday where they also had 25% off of all prices so the store as big as it is was absolutely packed, I have honestly never seen so many people in one shop before.
We managed to spend over 4 hours in Macy’s which is not a hard thing to do as there are 9 floors and the building is split into 2 so I think we only managed to see one half, which just happened to be the Women’s floors and Holiday Lane!
Unsurprisingly, I was able to find a lot of things that I could of bought, but I was good and didn’t buy too much even if the shop assistant helping us did find me about 10 designer dresses I could of bought there and then without trying them on! I did buy a couple of bits from Macy’s but there will be blog posts about these items to follow soon.
Holiday Lane in Macy’s was just something else, there were over 10 different trees all dressed differently with different themes. One of the best just had to be the Macy’s tree, completely decked out head to toe in different kinds of Macy’s baubles. 
 Empire State Building
New York City
New York City
 Empire State Building
Grand Central Station
 Grand Central Station

On day 3 we took a bus tour to the Empire State Building and queued for nearly 2 hours to get in the elevator to travel 80 floors up, (in less than a minute), and take in the views of Manhattan from above.
I am terrified of heights but strangely it was quite exhilarating to be so high up and experience some once in a lifetime views, I was able to take some incredible pictures looking out to Brooklyn and across the city. It was so cold and windy being as high up as we were but we were lucky that we went on the second day because the temperature plunged to -6 for the next couple of days.
After we came back down from the dizzying heights we stopped for coffee at a Starbucks, of course!, and then strolled on over the Grand Central Station. Both my Mum and I have seen the Grand Central Station on TV and so many films so it was amazing to go inside and see it for ourselves. Inside there was also a cute Christmas Market which had some beautiful jewellary and Christmas gifts but only if you wanted to spend around $1500 on one necklace, even if it was absolutely stunning!
It is really hard to put into words how breathtaking and magical even just the first couple of days were, New York really does love Christmas! All of the shops we saw were decorated so well and there was fairy lights and decorations throughout the streets too. 
More photos to come when a post about days 4-7 is posted in a couple of days!
Have you been to New York? What were your favourite moments?


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