Birthday Celebrations in London

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We went to London at the weekend as a birthday treat for my boyfriend and as he is a massive Arsenal fan I really wanted to get my hands on some tickets to Saturday’s game for him. 
Unfortunately, you have to be a member to buy a ticket so the tickets would of been extortionate so instead he got a tour around the Emirates stadium whilst I got to explore London a little bit more!
On the Friday my boyfriends mum and I hopped onto a bus to London Bridge and saw the Shard and Tower Bridge, we then saw a bus to Covent Garden and took a trip there as I had never been. It was incredible, I loved all of the little stores and even bought myself a really cute silver ring. 
We had some cheesy fries at the Snack Shack then heard the most incredible music from the level below us and there was an awesome string quartet playing. Not only were they incredible with their instruments they were hilarious! 
On the Saturday we visited the Westfield Centre which was enormous but I could not find anything I liked so went home empty handed…I even just missed Kylie Jenner visiting House of CB by about an hour!
On the Sunday before we came home we went to the Columbia Road Flower Market, it was absolutely packed! 
With it being Mothers Day I thought it would be busy but I underestimated just how busy it was. The flowers that I could see were beautiful but I couldn’t see as many as I liked due to the crowd and my height! 
I did manage to get some beautiful red roses which survived the trip home and are now sitting on my dressing table. 
Before we hit the flower market on the Sunday I finally got to visit Lily Vanilli’s cake shop and tried a brownie and some meringues, they were incredible! 
I have Sweet Tooth by Lily Vanilli but I have a funny feeling my attempts will never live up to the real thing as much as I try. 
We also did a load of other things including Bowling and Karaoke at Rowan’s but if I told you everything we would be here all day
We don’t get to visit London as much as I would like as it is around a 5 hour drive but we will be heading back soon, (hopefully!), as I would like to celebrate my 25th Birthday in July at the Harry Potter studios!!
Do you live or go to London often? Where are you favourite places to visit? 
I would love some more places to explore around the city. 

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