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Urband Decay Naked Basic Pallette

Rich, creamy, buttery and smooth. You would be forgiven if you thought I had turned into a food blogger.

But no, I am talking about the always perfect and what I think is the best yet, Urban Decay Naked Ultimate Basics palette.


After seeing the original images posted on Instagram, I instantly coveted the palette mainly for the eyeshadow in the colour ‘Extra Bitter’. A shadow I have been looking for since I hit pan in the Urban Decay Vice 4 palette. Even if I didn’t know it, I had been waiting on a fully matte UD palette for a while. Since I started using the Vice 4 palette, and my micro-glitter shadow ‘Flame’ bit the dust, I have been wearing a full matte eye look for a good few months now.


There are so many things that attracted me to this palette but, excluding the ‘Extra Bitter’ shadow, the packaging is what drew me in the most. A different shape to the standard rectangle of the Naked palettes it is now easier to carry around if you are out for the day or have a need to travel, the only real downside to this is the length of the brush has been reduced dramatically. If I am honest it is still totally usable but I do generally prefer a longer brush.

nb_products nb_pallette

Consistency, as always, with UD is phenominal. Only small amounts of fall out and the best colour longevity, especially when used with the always loved Primer Potion. I have been using this palette since release and I have found I have been able to use all of the shades, mixing and matching to create completely different matte looks. If I do fancy a little bit of sparkle for an evening out I have been using my Morphe 350 palette to complete the look.


Overall, I have to admit this has been my favourite Naked palette, so far anyway! The only thing I think that Urban Decay could do better at is adding liquid lipsticks to their collection. I feel like they have missed a trick by not yet adding them to their range, but you never know good things come to those who wait. And if they do decide to release any I will definitely be there purchase maybe 1, 2 or the whole range!

Have you tried the new basics palette? Do you think it lived up to the hype?


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