I was bought a lot of Mandara Spa product for Christmas but because I had soooo many different shower gels, bath products and body butters I have only just got round to using these. 
There are 2 different ranges from Mandara Spa pictured above, the purple shower cream and honeymilk body butter is part of the conditioning and nourishing range. This range really does condition your skin and smells lovely however I do prefer the other products pictured. 
I love the revitalising products as they are grapefruit and lemon, for bath products and skin products lemon is definitely my favourite. These are products I will be buying again especially the Island Paradise Bath Essence, the lemon smell is really relaxing and my skin feels silky smooth after.
This was a slight impulse buy whilst popping into lush to pick up a bath bomb….I definitely walked out of Lush with a lot more than a bath bomb! 
Lush have a few different toners so it did take me a little while to decide on this one but I do think this has really helped my skin and I do have significantly less break outs on my chin.
The ingredients included within this toner is fresh sea water, aloe vera and seaweed to name a few and because it is lush all other ingredients are natural. 
I love the smell of this toner as it really does smell fresh, (which I think is partly from the seaweed and sea water), and it also benefits to buy more from Lush as for every 5 full size pots you return you receive one free full size face mask. 
I first started using this foundation when I received a sample from my Birchbox earlier in the year. It has taken me a little while to buy it as it is quite expensive but I do believe it is worth the money.
As this is a cream foundation it feels heavier than the foundations I usually use but the coverage is brilliant and I have found it is really long wearing. 
I mainly use this if I am having photographs taken or for a night out as I think it can look a little too much for a day in the office.
I love the design of the tub the foundation is in and you do receive a small little scoop so you don’t have to put your brush or fingers in the pot which can stop cross contamination. 
I have also kept the sample pot I received from Birchbox as it is really handy if you are going away for a weekend and don’t want to pack too much into your make up bag.
 I actually only bought this make up brush cleanser as I popped into Debenhams in town and they had ran out of the Mac make up brush cleaner but I have now been converted. 
This is a lightweight cleanser that I spray on my brushes every morning to make sure they are clean and dry ready for the next use. 
A lot of people don’t realise that you should clean your brushes at least once a week if not after every use as they can hold a lot of bacteria, which you will then spread across your face when you use your brushes again. 
I have seen a lot of tutorials online explaining how to wash brushes with warm soapy water under a tap but I would highly recommend this product and I think once you use it you won’t be going back to your own method! 
This is another sample product I received from my Birchbox and unfortunately I have just ran out of it. I do need need to buy this again but it is a pricey product, £90 for 30ml. 
I thought this price was a bit steep but I received a 15ml sample that has lasted me well over 3 months and I have been using it every day.
You do only need a small amount of this product and it does look and feel slightly greasy but once you have rubbed it in to your face and neck you can feel the benefits straight away. 
It also does look quite odd when it is coming out of the tube as it looks more like a thick, yellow paste rather than a gel but if you can get past this it is worth it as it feels amazing and it smells gorgeous. 
The benefits as listed on the website are that this product plumps and nourishes skin overnight, reduces wrinkles and crows feet and also clears and brightens your complexion and I would say I noticed how nourished and bright my skin looked however I don’t really have any wrinkles or crows feet this is something I can’t comment on!  

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