Anastasia Beverly Hills Cream Contour Kit

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Anastasia Beverly Hills Contour Cream Kit
So Anastasia Beverly Hills released their new cream contour kit a couple of weeks ago and I was lucky enough to get my hands on one on the day of launch, although it did take a week or so to arrive as it was shipped from America. Read on to see what I think of this product…
Cream Contour Kit
Cream Contour Kit Highlighter Swatches
Cream Contour Kit Contour Swatches
Anastasia Beverly Hills Swatches
Anastasia Beverly Hills Cream & Powder Contour Kits
 I have been waiting for weeks for this product to be released and I am not 100% sure it lived up to the hype. 
The contour creams are slightly warmer that I would normally use as I prefer a cooler contour with grey undertones but I have found using the 2 lighter contour creams my contour still looks good around my face just not as great on my nose. I do however love the highlighters and the colour correcter, the colours are perfect for my skin tone and my under eye area looks so bright after I have used the middle highlighter. 
I love the creamy texture of this product and it is super blendable which ensures you do not walk around with a massive brown streaks on your cheeks!
I have found the longevity of these creams really good, (I even wore a full face of contour to the office as a test!), it lasted all day without looking cakey. 
The only thing I have noticed is you do need to set these contour creams with a powder to make sure they do not slip all over your face, I have been using the Anastasia Beverly Hills powder contour kit to set the cream as the colours are pretty much the same and it does not change the colour of the contour and highlight on my face.
I ordered this on the day of launch from the Anastasia Beverly Hills website which meant I did incur some extra delivery fees….But! I had a look around and you can get the powder contour kit from Cult Beauty for £39 plus P+P which makes the total around £44. 
However, both the powder and cream contour kits are $40 plus international shipping from the ABH site which in total came to £37 so for some reason it is still cheaper to purchase from America rather than a UK site!  
I do like this product but I was hoping I could use it to highlight and contour for a day look but this is something I would use more for being photographed or for an evening out as it is slightly heavier and warmer than the colours I would use for a day to day contour. 
If you do prefer a warmer or heavier contour this is definitely the kit for you, for now this is going to be an evening product for me but this does not stop me from loving the cream highlights which I think will be the first to be used up in this palette!

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